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Unity in Church Coalitions

In the collaborative work of e49 , we get to see the most amazing things being accomplished through unified efforts by people who understand the beauty in being different.

In this, we often find ourselves needing to help refine the differences between individuals and agencies. We were designed to be different; this is a beautiful thing! Here are a few things we learned along the way when it comes to embracing the beauty in being different.

First, because we live in a world where we expect people to be everything to everyone, we see people afraid to walk out the essence of who they are. Our experience is that when people are “doing a job” rather than walking out their God given passion, fear and competition are often their default when things get tough. However, we were all created in God’s image, which means we all have God’s character in us. We were not all designed by God to be the same; there is beauty by Design in our differences! Helping people refine their “why” not only results in personal joy, it also offers us a firm foundation on which to stand, and a conviction to weigh our decisions.

Second, when conflict does occur (and it does!!) more often than not people either avoid the issue out of fear or dig their heels in out of pride. Both often result in broken relationships. What’s interesting is that often times, the conflict occurs from a lack of acknowledgment that being different is not a bad thing! In Matthew 18:15-20 we are given a prescription for resolving conflict and reminded that we ask of Him in agreement with one another, it will be done. The first thing we should do is go to our brother or sister (not Facebook!). If you can’t resolve things, then ask some friends to help. If you still can’t come to a resolution, take it to your church. This process is not about proving who is right or who is wrong – It’s about resolution. Conflict is usually a combination of misunderstanding and sin. When both are revealed in love and humility, the result we find… is unity.

When Gods people come together in love and humility, running confidently in the beauty of being different, we glorify God and others see it and want it for themselves. May our Father help us see His character in others!!

Tammy Vallejo