Incubating and Mobilizing Social Impact Solutions


Business and Real Estate Services for Social Impact Solutions and Innovators.

Areas of Practice


Social Enterprise

Starting, growing or transitioning a traditional business to a Social Enterprise is an innovative idea and can have tremendous positive impact on your business. But it is not for the faint of heart! The world is just beginning to grasp the concept in theory. But in practice existing systems, perceptions and marketing and branding success hinges on understanding the nuances of each part. We can help you at any stage of innovation whether it's casting vision, refining your why, determining your target market, your unique value or how you will support the endeavor financially. Ask for a free consult today. 

Real Estate Impact Solutions

Real Estate is one of the best ways to sustain any nonprofit or church endeavor. But figuring out how to best do it, how to structure and insure the assets can be a tough endeavor. Real Estate blended with nonprofit or church structures has consequences on taxes, insurance and affiliations. Please note; we are not tax attorneys but we are a licensed real estate brokerage and we can guide you through the process and when necessary point you to the right professionals to insure your operation is legally sound. We can also assist with purchases, sales, leasing and 3rd party advisor for all of your Real Estate needs. Ask for a free consult today!

public image

Maintaining the integrity of your public image is an inseparable part of your business, whether you’re a creative individual or a small company. Protecting your privacy and your public image from slander and libel is only one side of the coin; negotiating sponsorships, public appearances, and endorsements is the other. Our firm advises on both, offering litigation and dispute resolution, defamation (pre and post publication), and other image protection mechanisms—all so you can amplify and control the way you want the world to see you.


The way nonprofits have traditionally started, managed and sustained nonprofits is changing. Singular focused fund development and donor engagement is not enough in today's ever changing technology centered world. It takes a lot more money to change social issues and diversifying your strategies can help. We can help with grant, donor and fundraising planning and implementation. We can also help with guiding you on business set up and focused strategies to get social media attention early on creating a "tipping point" so your donors are asking you what they can do to help. Ask for your free consult today.


Demystifying entrepreneurship will help you through the initial maze of startup decisions. Entrepreneurs love vision and launching but there are many other decisions that can make or break a startup such as finances, insurance, partners, teams, legal decisions and more. We have the experience to get you through the first year and help you build the right team to carry you to the finish line. Ask for a free consult today!


Whether you run a theater, recording studio, or an eCommerce website, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability and risk. Our business consultants will assess the structure of your operation, such as its physical or digital space, the types of products you sell, who your consumers are, what type of company you have filed under (LLC, Inc, etc.), and so on. From there, we will tailor the right risk plan, complete with permit applications, insurance policies, and more, so you can worry less about liabilities and concentrate on growing your business.


We have extensive experience working in church environments. Whether your church or ministry wants to start a new initiative, nonprofit or community development corporation, we can help you. Ask for your free consult today. 


We love coalitions! Much of our work has been with coalitions and alliances. But the intricacies of learning how to put initiatives together and plug in the right pieces and the right groups, can be challenging and an art form! Let us help you get started, manage along the way or set up the right entity to make it legit from the onset. Ask for your free consult today.


The startup and small business marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier that requires business advice from experienced professionals who are deeply entrenched in the particulars of startups and social enterprise ventures. We offer a competitive advantage that can help you save money and make more of it in the long run. We’ve helped organizations like E49 Corporation, Housing and Hope and Compassion Village with a balance of legal, business, operational, and financial strategies that had clear execution and built-in problem-solving contingencies. Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.